There’s a unique set of personality traits, values, and beliefs that make up The Determined Mindset, and we think this is going to be what counters the pull of society’s gravity to stick to the status-quo.


The Determined Mindset may be what lifts us to a new and different place humanity needs to be.

We encourage climate change rebels, social innovators, and social entrepreneurs to ask themselves the following questions:

1. Highly Imaginative
How can I approach everything I do from a highly imaginative frame of mind? How can I connect disparate ideas? Is there another way to think about this problem?

2. Non-conformity
How can non-conformity be an asset in my business? What’s everyone else doing that I could do differently?

3. Self-Awareness

Am I taking time to check in, be self-aware, and take care of my needs first? Have I gotten enough rest? Am I centered?

4. Collaboration

How can I collaborate with other groups solving a similar problem? How can I reach out to my community and get people involved to elevate the work we’re doing together?

5. Experimentation

Before spending too much time working on a solution, how can I run a quick experiment to make sure my idea is solid? What is a small bet I can invest a little bit in before I build the big vision?

6. Sees Crisis as a Call-to-Action

What do people around me see as crisis, that I can see as an opportunity to solve a problem? How can the issues I see in my community propel me towards action?