A platform to raise awareness about hopeful climate change solutions.

Client: Climate Changes Everything

A platform to raise awareness about hopeful climate change solutions.

Felix Kramer is an ex-entrepreneur, climate activist, and writer with bold ideas. He wanted a place to collect all his ideas, essays, projects, and resources online, so he could easily direct people to all the new and exciting work he’s supporting.

We got together and in our Discovery Jam realized this was more than just a personal website. Felix wanted to raise awareness and inspire people, bringing hope and optimism to what’s been an industry of doom and gloom for some time.

Together we imagined and built a platform where many voices could share their stories and help support each other as we begin the hard work that needs to be done to restore our climate to pre-industrial levels.

For such an optimistic vision, we designed the logo, color palette, brand identity, and website to be modern, hopeful, colorful, and bright, with a great deal of flexibility for the variety of information being shared.

We released an early prototype of the site, Felix gathered feedback, and we made changes based on that feedback before ultimately launching the first version of the site as it is now. We continue to work with Felix on building out this platform even further, with exciting plans in store.


Scope of work:
+ Brand identity design
+ Website Design
+ Implementation

+ Strategy, brand identity design, website design — The Determined
+ Site implementation — Arrowroot Media

“The Determined was an ideal development and production partner for a new website and pitch deck. It was refreshing to work with a team that already gets our giant opportunities in reversing global warming. They adjusted their from-the-ground-up Remix approach to accommodate a short deadline. Even mini-versions of “Thinking Wrong” and “Prototype Thinking” helped find core messages that resonate, and turn facts into stories with emotional messages. And they were responsive, easy, and fun to work with.”

— Felix Kramer, strategic advisor, Healthy Climate Alliance