Turn up your brand

Your personalized, goal-driven game plan to build a stand-out brand.

Price: $500

(This cost gets applied to Amplify moving forward.)

How it works:

+ Before the call, you’ll fill out a questionnaire to help you get clarity on your current brand & business state

+ We’ll analyze your answers to prep for our Soundcheck session

+ 90-minute interview with us to focus on what’s going on in your business now, what you’ve tried so far, and uncover what has the biggest potential for you moving forward

+ After the call, we’ll create a summary of action items and insights that we uncovered during our session

You’ll walk away with:

+ A persona to identity your best customer (This is a tool you and your team can use to create powerful messaging)

+ An actionable roadmap in writing, revealing your biggest brand opportunities that you can do yourself right away

+ A sense of clarity and purpose

+ New ideas from us that could lead to new discoveries and opportunities

It’s time to get your business off the ground. We’d love to help you make smart decisions on how to build your climate-focused brand so it gets the attention it deserves. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

You’ll work one-on-one with us virtually to build a game plan that is based on your unique business needs


You’ll learn techniques from proven methodologies like Design Thinking and Lean Startup to get super savvy about brand building

Comprehensive Strategy:

We’ll cover more than just aesthetics; brand building includes messaging, positioning, product-market fit, and business model


Download our cool zine

We are obsessed with helping entrepreneurs like you kick ass. Here’s a short zine on how to stand out and be heard. It’s full of useful tips like ways to identify your best customers and how to create branding and marketing that’s truly unique.


“Climate action needs better messaging, products, and services, and The Determined is here to help. Impossible Labs has worked with The Determined for the past two years, and we have found them instrumental in helping us effectively communicate our message of climate opportunism to customers and strategic partners.”

– Matthew Eshed, Co-Founder and Director of Impossible Labs

“The Determined was an ideal development and production partner for a new website and pitch deck. It was refreshing to work with a team that already gets our giant opportunities in reversing global warming. They adjusted their from-the-ground-up Remix approach to accommodate a short deadline. Even mini-versions of “Thinking Wrong” and “Prototype Thinking” helped find core messages that resonate, and turn facts into stories with emotional messages. And they were responsive, easy, and fun to work with.”

— Felix Kramer, strategic advisor, Healthy Climate Alliance, founder of Climate Changes Everything


If you are wondering…

How can I look more professional so my business customers know I’m legit?

How can I educate people about the value of my product / service?

When is the right time to invest my business’s funds into building our brand?

How do I get my business out there without a huge advertising budget?

How can I attract more customers / clients and stand out from the competition?

How can I kick ass?


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