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You just experienced one hell of a great event! Now, let’s bring this into your organization.

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Two hours full of fun, ideas, and shit

Our guided networking event is great for:
+ Generating cross-team collaboration and fostering new connections
+ Coming up with bold, brilliant, innovative new product & service ideas to amplify your organization’s climate impact
+ Building creative problem-solving & collaboration skills among team members
+ Adopting a fresh new perspective to catalyze new ideas
+ Learning fun prompts to unlock more creativity towards solving challenges in your work

Book now for $2,000

“I love how The Determined get people to think totally differently…and optimistically…about climate change. It’s about the opportunity, not the challenges.”— Justin Lokitz, Partner & Strategy designer @ Business Models Inc


Q: What kind of venue works best?
A: We prefer an open space for people to move around. No need for tables or chairs. Bar tops work if you have them.

Q: What supplies do I need to provide?
A: We’ll need a large screen or projector to display our slides. Other than that, just Post-It’s and Sharpies.

Q: Who should be invited to this guided networking event?
A: Whoever you think should meet. Any departments you think should mingle with one another. Invite upper-management to interns. The more the merrier.

Q: What was the price for this again? [Reword this question about]
A: Since you took part in one of our conference events, we’re giving you a 20% discount for the two-hour event which you’ll pay a total of $2,000. This includes prep work and us facilitating the event.

Q: What happens with all the ideas generated from the event?
A: One of two things can happen. You can review the ideas generated with your team later and move forward however you’d like or if you sign up for a Climate Sprint, we’ll debrief after the event and decide which idea we should work on building out. Learn more about our Climate Sprints below.

Half-day Climate Sprints

+ Learn to make ideas from the guided networking event tangible in storyboarding & prototyping
+ Quickly do guerilla idea validation & user testing on prototypes
+ Iterate your prototype to an amazing pitch
+ Each team pitches their final idea to the entire group


“Climate events aren’t usually this fun.”

— Recent guided networking event attendee


Our sprints in action


Marc O’Brien has worked closely with John Bielenberg since 2009 developing and implementing exercises and approaches towards “thinking wrong” while working at Project M and Future.