Climate innovation sprints that actually get stuff done

It’s time your company started making big moves towards climate action.

With your team and ours, we’ll use the Think Wrong process to come up with innovative new solutions that create real positive climate impact. It’s a fun, interactive session that builds team’s collaboration skills in the process. Give us a call to book an event.


Two-hour Guided Networking Event

+ Generate cross-team collaboration and foster new connections
+ Come up with bold, brilliant, innovative new product & service ideas to amplify your organization’s climate impact
+ Build creative problem-solving & collaboration skills among team members
+ Adopt a fresh new perspective to catalyze new ideas
+ Walk away with fun prompts to unlock more creativity towards solving challenges in your work

Wanna keep jamming?

Our half-day Climate Sprint will move ideas from the guided networking event forward.

+ Includes Thinking Wrong mingling event to generate ideas
+ Learn to make ideas tangible in storyboarding & prototyping
+ Quickly do guerilla idea validation & user testing on prototypes
+ Iterate your prototype to an amazing pitch
+ Each team pitches their final idea to the entire group


“I love how The Determined get people to think totally differently…and optimistically…about climate change. It’s about the opportunity, not the challenges.”

— Justin Lokitz, Partner & Strategy designer @ Business Models Inc

Our creative Remix

Let us speak at your organization


Marc loves to talk about

+ The importance in Thinking wrong

+ Design and climate change

+ Our climate crisis as opportunity

+ Social entrepreneurship and design

+ Taking ideas to launch


Sarah enjoys teaching

+ Rapid prototyping and Micro-experimentation

+ Getting authentic unbiased feedback on experiments

+ Building a brand and establishing an online presence


Marc O’Brien has worked closely with John Bielenberg since 2009 developing and implementing exercises and approaches towards “thinking wrong” while working at Project M and Future.