A bold campaign to encourage California’s Governor Brown to take bold action on fossil fuel policy in his last year in office.

Case Study: Brown’s Last Chance

A bold campaign to encourage California’s Governor Brown to take bold action on fossil fuel policy in his last year in office.

Brown’s Last Chance is a campaign involving hundreds of public interest, environmental, health, justice, faith, labor, community and consumer organizations from California and around the world. Together, we are urging Governor Brown to stop the build out of dirty fossil fuel infrastructure, keep oil and gas in the ground, and take immediate action to protect those most vulnerable to climate change. Over 800 state, national, and international groups have signed on to a letter to Governor Brown calling for these actions to prevent further harm to our health, our communities, and the climate.

We worked closely with the leaders of the Brown’s Last Chance Coalition to determine what this campaign should look and feel like, what the content and layout of the website will be, and how we might want to spread the word to get the largest response possible. We then built the brand materials, website, and marketing collateral for a Spring 2018 launch.


Scope of work:
+ Campaign strategy
+ Campaign brand identity
+ Logo, color palette
+ Voice & tone
+ Campaign Website: Design & WordPress Implementation
+ Marketing materials: Billboards, newspaper ads, placards, signage, posters

+ Facilitation, strategy, design, execution – The Determined
+ Content, marketing, PR, community outreach – Aimee Dewing and
BLC Coalition members
+ Illustration – Bizhan Khodabandeh

How might we influence the governor to take strong action before the end of his term?


Our Goal
To get 100,000 signatures to sign the letter so that Gov. Brown would feel the pressure to meet with the coalition and meet their demands before leaving office.

Our Approach
First, the leaders of the BLC Coalition sat down with us in a ½ day DiscoveryJam Session. With our Human-Centered-Design-based Remix process, we quickly covered their target audience, empathy mapping, messaging strategy, and marketing strategy.

The team brought in examples for a competitive analysis on other campaigns they thought were successful and inspirational, and then we encouraged the team to dig deep and reach for bold, stand-out aesthetics like street art and grassroots activism.

We wrapped up our whirlwind discovery session with a brief wireframing and content mapping, then assigned tasks to everyone on the team and set to work. We ran parallel paths with creating content, designing identity concepts, and setting up the infrastructure for the website.

The brand identity was narrowed down to a few concepts the team resonated with, then we honed the aesthetics a few times, and finally settled on the bold, monochromatic, text heavy aesthetic you see here.

We then built out the website, created billboards that were placed around San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, CA, created newspaper ads, social media graphics, event signage, and more.

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Additional collateral for the Sept. 2018 Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice march in San Francisco.