Business-to-business is still humans-to-humans (B2B=H2H)

We talk to startups, accelerators, and investors who are working on products for B2B, and we get this question:

  • Is Human-centered design valuable when I’m a B2B company? I just want to develop a product that works and get acquired/licensed

They don’t think design, branding, or human-centered messaging techniques apply to them because they’re not going direct to market as a consumer product.

We say, if they thought about their customer’s point of view when crafting pitch decks or sales messaging, they’d have a much easier time winning the funding/partners they want. Their pitch would be powerful and resonate emotionally with the people they are pitching to.

We give a few examples in this 6 minute podcast episode on how we might use human-centered design to solve B2B challenges. Listen now for all the fun!


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